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Who I Am and What I Do


Hello beautiful souls. My name is Melissa Kiernan. I’m a Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master practitioner and sound healer based in the magical and vibrant city of Encinitas. In addition to energy and sound healing, my services incorporate breathwork, aromatherapy, crystals, color, conscious movement, guided imagery, and shamanistic elements. I offer both one on one and group experiences in California and globally and find immense joy in collaborating with other skilled healers offering their own irreplaceable gifts to curate unique transformative events and retreats.


I’m so humbled, honored, and excited to work with all those who feel called to my energy. It makes for a truly profound and magical experience when our intuition leads us to where it’s meant to go. Where intention and intuition goes, loving energy truly flows.truly flows.

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The beauty engorges my heart filling it with light
My soul sings to the tops of the trees
The tears drip down my face
I am alive
I am at peace
The green breeze floats through the air
I float along
I am at home
I am everything around me
The dew on the leaves
The roots of the giants
The moss on the bark
My happiness overwhelms me
A wise man said “When you realize your destiny, the world conspires to make it so”
I am on the path of freedom
A path to let my soul sing
I am on a road to discover the very essence of my being
I am following my truth
What will I become?
Who will I be?
I will be courageous
I will be strong
I will follow my intuition
I will take chances
My spirit will soar into the clouds

- Melissa Kiernan -

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